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The DTV-1000 has been specifically designed for digital TV reception. It has an integrated low-noise amplifier which can be powered either by the antenna power out option on your set top box, digital TV or even via the 12V or 24V DC power cord supplied. With the flexible and varied mounting options the DTV-1000 is the simplest way to enjoy digital TV at home, away or on the move.

  • Lightweight, compact, waterproof and anti-UV housing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Ideal for all applications including truck, car, boat, motorhome, caravan or home
  • Pole mounting installation for home or caravan
  • Suction cup installation for any smooth surface e.g. truck or car windscreen
  • Includes dual voltage 12/24V cigarette lighter power lead
Power supply Input DC 12V/24V, Output DC 5V
Frequency range : UHF 470-870MHz
Frequency range : VHF 47-230MHz
Gain 20+/- 3dB
Weight 821g
Stock Code Description Packed
120.510UK DTV-1000 Outdoor Digital TV Aerial Gift Box

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