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Chord Keybags are the UK's most popular brand of keyboard bag. Our range covers virtually all makes and models of popular keyboards; from mini keys to 88 note portable digital pianos. Each bag is made from strong nylon, combined with double stitched and over-locked seams; providing maximum protection to keyboards.

  • The Keybag size reference guide is available to download online
  • 8mm padding

Stock Code Keyboard Size Model Dimensions Packed
127.218UK Mini keyboard KB42 252 x 684 x 84mm Gift Box
127.219UK 4 octave KB43 320 x 878 x 113mm Gift Box
127.220UK 4/5 octave KB44 398 x 973 x 170mm Gift Box
127.221UK 4/5 octave slim KB44S 330 x 939 x 100mm Gift Box
127.222UK 5 octave KB45 448 x 1060 x 178mm Gift Box
127.223UK 5 octave slim KB45S 356 x 1060 x 132mm Gift Box
127.224UK 5/6 octave KB46 430 x 1175 x 200mm Gift Box
127.225UK 5/6 octave slim KB46S 350 x 1180 x 150mm Gift Box
127.226UK 6 1/4 octave KB47 472 x 1267 x 190mm Gift Box
127.227UK 6 1/4 octave slim KB47S 370 x 1267 x 116mm Gift Box
127.228UK 7 1/4 octave KB48 490 x 1385 x 190mm Gift Box
127.229UK 7 1/4 octave slim KB48S 380 x 1330 x 150mm Gift Box

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
127.217UK KB41 Micro Keyboard Bag -

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