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A wideband masthead diplexer designed to mix TV and satellite signals into a single output and to transmit down a single cable.

  • Supplied with IP44 casing for outdoor installation
  • Wideband width compatible with FM, DAB, analogue and digital TV reception (DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC)
  • Fully shielded for minimum signal interference
  • DC pass allows power for masthead amplifier and LNB
  • Works together with 130.053 indoor diplexer, which splits the signal to TV and satellite at the end of the transmission cable
Frequency range : terrestrial 47 - 862MHz
Frequency range : satellite 950 - 2400MHz
Insertion loss : terrestrial 1dB
Insertion loss : satellite 1.5dB
DC pass : terrestrial 12Vdc 100mA
DC pass : satellite 18Vdc 500mA
Dimensions 110 x 105 x 52mm
Weight 210g
Stock Code Description Packed
130.052UK Masthead Diplexer for Sat/TV Signal Box

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