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A small yet versatile DMX PAR can controller for 3, 4, 5 and 6-colour fixtures. Six channel faders can be configured to 6 different arrangements of R, G, B, W, A, V and dimmer control. Furthermore, a mix fader enables smooth manual scrolling of colours. Features sound activated option with sensitivity control or auto mode with 8 MAC programs and speed control offer a choice of sequences with additional manual strobe and blackout functions. Free standing or wall-mounted operation for comprehensive control over stage lighting or architectural installations.

  • 4 pages of up to 6 channels
  • Built-in programs and sound activation
  • Independent strobe and blackout functions
Power supply 9-12Vdc, 800mA adaptor (supplied)
Controls R, G, B, W, A, V/D, mix, MAC, speed, strobe/sensitivity
Output DMX (XLRF)
Dimensions 248 x 110 x 58mm
Weight 1.31kg
Stock Code Description Packed
154.097UK DM-X6 mini DMX PAR controller Box

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