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A wireless control kit for 0-10V dimmable lighting products. This kit includes a wall mountable 2.4GHz rotary dimmer transmitter and a mains powered 2.4GHz receiver with 3 outputs. Allows easy manual dimming control of compatible ceiling light panels without the need to install additional wiring.

  • Mains powered wall control transmitter and receiver
  • LED dimming status indicator
  • Compatible with standard 0-10V dimmable luminaires
  • 10V output can be paralleled for controlling up to 10 LED lights
  • Multiple receivers can be paired to one wall control for larger schemes
Power supply : transmitter 230Vac, 50Hz
Power supply : receiver 230Vac, 50Hz
Carrier frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless control protocol Zigbee 2007 Pro (IEEE 802.15.4)
Output connection 3 x DC5521 jack (expandable up to 10)
Output 0-10Vdc, 20mA
Relay Live switched output (receiver) 7A
Dimensions : transmitter 86 x 86 x 48mm
Weight : transmitter 140g
Dimensions : receiver 140 x 45 x 28mm
Weight : receiver 170g
Stock Code Description Packed
154.940UK 2.4GHz to 0-10V dimming set Box

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