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Flush fit, circular ceiling light fitted with high efficiency LEDs in a tilt adjustable housing. Spring clip installation is ideal for suspended or drywall ceilings with a concealed void.

  • Compact, low profile design
  • Easy fit installation into false ceilings
  • Tilt adjustable beam direction
  • In-line power supply included
Power supply 85-230Vac, 50/60Hz
Housing material Aluminium
Housing temperature <62°C
LED power 1W
LED lifespan >35000 hours
Colour rendering index (CRI, Ra) 81
Operating temperature -20°C to +45°C
Beam angle 45°
  156.029UK 156.028UK 156.027UK
Power consumption 28.5W 28.5W 21.3W
LED colour White Warm white White
Colour temperature 4200K 2800K 4200K
LED quantity 24 24 18
Total luminous flux 1606lm 1606lm 1215lm
Luminous efficacy 56lm/W 56lm/W 57lm/W
Cut-out hole 160mmØ 160mmØ 145mmØ
Current 320mA 320mA 280mA
Voltage 50-80Vdc 50-80Vdc 40-70Vdc
Dimensions 90 x 180mmØ 90 x 180mmØ 122 x 160mmØ
Weight 1.7kg 1.7kg 1.2kg
Packed Box Box Box
  156.025UK 156.024UK 156.021UK
Power consumption 17.9W 17.9W 13.5W
LED colour White Warm white White
Colour temperature 4200K 2800K 4200K
LED quantity 15 15 12
Total luminous flux 983lm 983lm 670lm
Luminous efficacy 55lm/W 55lm/W 49lm/W
Cut-out hole 140mmØ 140mmØ 120mmØ
Current 280mA 280mA 320mA
Voltage 40-70Vdc 40-70Vdc 27-55Vdc
Dimensions 98 x 160mmØ 98 x 160mmØ 70 x 138mmØ
Weight 1.2kg 1.2kg 558g
Packed Box Box Box
  156.013UK 156.012UK 156.031UK
Power consumption 9.5W 9.5W 30W
LED colour White Warm white White
Colour temperature 4200K 2800K 4200K
LED quantity 7 7 30
Total luminous flux 444lm 444lm 1760lm
Luminous efficacy 46lm/W 46lm/W 58lm/W
Cut-out hole 95mmØ 95mmØ 210mmØ
Current 320mA 320mA 320mA
Voltage 12-24Vdc 12-24Vdc 80-95Vdc
Dimensions 65 x 108mmØ 65 x 108mmØ 90 x 233mmØ
Weight 461g 461g 2.1kg
Packed Box Box Box

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
156.004UK YB3W LED ceiling light 3W warm white -
156.030UK YB30W LED ceiling light 30W warm white -
156.026UK YB18W LED ceiling light 18W warm white -
156.020UK YB12W LED ceiling light 12W warm white -
156.017UK YB9N LED ceiling light 9W white -
156.016UK YB9W LED ceiling light 9W warm white -
156.009UK YB5N LED ceiling light 5W white -
156.008UK YB5W LED ceiling light 5W warm white -
156.005UK YB3N LED ceiling light 3W white -

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