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Designed for smaller venues and mobile DJs, this tiny unit is capable of a surprising volume of fog output. An internal LED illuminates the housing for extra party atmosphere. A wired control is included for fog on demand operation and an adjustable mounting bracket allows the unit to be fixed to lighting stands or trusses. A great solution for fog effects where space is limited.

  • Wired control enables fog on demand
  • 2000 Cu Ft (57m³) per minute (approx)
  • Sound activated LEDs
  • The semi-opaque unit diffuses the internal LED creating a magical glow effect
  • We recommend QTX Standard (1l: 160.643UK, 5l: 160.582UK) or High Grade (1l: 160.587UK, 5l:160.588UK) fog fluid for use with this machine
Power supply 240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Fuse rating 3A
Power consumption 400W
Tank capacity 250ml
Fog output 2000 Cu Ft (57m³) / min (approx)
Reheat time 3 - 4 minutes
Controller Momentary switch, hard wired
LED type 3W 3-in-1 RGB LED
Dimensions 120 x 150 x 240mm
Weight 1.5kg
Stock Code Description Packed
160.466UK QTFX-400 mkII Glowing Fog Machine Box