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A complete range of padded musical instrument storage cases made from a heavy duty nylon material, reinforced with extra padding to maintain the shape and offer extra protection.

  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for storage and travel
  • For use with brass, woodwind and string instruments
  • All supplied with shoulder strap for easy carrying

  173.396UK 173.399UK 173.384UK
Instrument Tuba B Flat Tuba E Flat Tenor Saxophone
Dimensions 1160 x 620 x 200mm 950 x 620 x 200mm 800 x 170 x 290mm
Weight 3.0kg 2.7kg 800g
Packed Bag Bag Bag
  173.381UK 173.390UK 173.387UK
Instrument Alto Saxophone Flute Clarinet
Dimensions 650 x 100 x 300mm 480 x 80 x 140mm 430 x 140 x 170mm
Weight 1.0kg 500g 1.0kg
Packed Bag Bag Bag
  173.408UK 173.411UK 173.405UK
Instrument Trumpet Cornet Trombone Tenor
Dimensions 570 x 260 x 200mm 450 x 240 x 210mm 920 x 270 x 290mm
Weight 1.1kg 900g 1.6kg
Packed Bag Bag Bag
  173.402UK 173.429UK 173.417UK
Instrument Euphonium Rotary/Piston Piston Valve Baritone Bag
Dimensions 820 x 340 x 340mm 600 x 370 x 270mm 840 x 300 x 300mm
Weight 1.9kg 1.2kg 1.7kg
Packed Bag Bag Bag
  173.420UK 173.426UK 173.414UK
Instrument Tenor Horn Violin Electronic Keyboard
Dimensions 520 x 320 x 230mm 790 x 220 x 130mm 1020 x 420 x 150mm
Weight 1.0kg 600g 1.7kg
Packed Bag Bag Bag

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
173.393UK French Horn Bag -
173.423UK Violin Case Hard -

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