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Ultra-lightweight transit cases for guitar with shaped interiors formed from solid expanded foam. Exterior is enclosed by durable fabric secured by a heavy duty zip and a large external pocket for literature and accessories.Outer is furnished with protective rubber feet, edge piping and double-stitched carrying handles. Interior has body and neck supports with accessory section and is coated with synthetic plush material.

  • Hard case protection with light weight
  • Double stitched carrying handles and straps
  • Large zipped outer pocket

Version Electric
External dimensions 1060 x 390 x 140mm
Internal dimensions 1015 x 330 x 70mm
Weight 2.0kg
Version Western
External dimensions 1100 x 450 x 190mm
Internal dimensions 1050 x 400 x 130mm
Weight 2.3kg
Version Classical
External dimensions 1100 x 430 x 180mm
Internal dimensions 1050 x 385 x 125mm
Weight 2.1kg
Version Bass
External dimensions 1250 x 420 x 140mm
Internal dimensions 1200 x 350 x 70mm
Weight 2.3kg

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