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Bopp bag of 10 guitar plectrums (picks) in high quality textured nylon. Various colour-coded gauges available.

  • Classic heart shape
  • Moulded textured grip
Gauge 1.0mm
Material Nylon
Finish Matte textured
Stock Code Gauge Gauge Packed
174.929UK X Heavy, 10pcs 1.0mm Bag

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
174.925UK Nylon Plectrums 0.50mm 10pc -
174.926UK Nylon Plectrums 0.60mm 10pc -
174.927UK Nylon Plectrums 0.70mm 10pc -
174.928UK Nylon Plectrums 0.85mm 10pc -

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