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Complete PA system comprising a CXB active subwoofer and 2 x CV-series passive moulded speaker cabinets. Stereo combo and RCA inputs on the sub control panel are routed to amplifier section, which powers the sub driver and provides stereo output for the CV satellite speakers. A very manageable and portable system for performers, dance instructors, DJs and public speakers operating in small to medium sized venues

  • Mono sub with stereo satellites
  • Horizontal or vertical sub operation
  • 2 x SPK leads included
  • 2 x compact speaker stands included with CXV1008
  • 2 x full size speaker stands included with CXV1210
Power supply 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
Inputs L+R Combo (Jack/XLR), L+R RCA
Outputs L+R SPK connectors
Controls Bass, Treble, Sub Vol, Master, Bridge switch
Crossover frequency 150Hz (sub)
Lead length 5m (each)
Model CXV1008
Fuse rating T3.15AL 250V
Sub cabinet CXB-10A (178.275UK)
Sub driver 250mmØ (10")
Satellite cabinets 2 x CV8 (178.139UK)
Satellite drivers 200mmØ (8") + 38mmØ (1.5") Ti diaphragm
Power : subwoofer 250Wrms
Power : satellites @ 8 Ohms 2 x 125Wrms
Stands 2 x 35mmØ with tripod, 1.4m max.
Dimensions : sub cabinet 340 x 340 x 570mm
Weight : sub cabinet 16.8kg
Dimensions : satellite speaker 415 x 285 x 265mm
Weight : satellite speaker 9.5kg
Model CXV1210
Fuse rating T5AL 250V
Sub cabinet CXB-12A (178.276UK)
Sub driver 300mmØ (12")
Satellite cabinets 2 x CV10 (178.142UK)
Satellite drivers 250mmØ (10") + 38mmØ (1.5") Ti diaphragm
Power : subwoofer 420Wrms
Power : satellites @ 8 Ohms 2 x 150Wrms
Stands 2 x 35mmØ with tripod, 1.9m max.
Dimensions : sub cabinet 400 x 400 x 660mm
Weight : sub cabinet 21.8kg
Dimensions : satellite speaker 505 x 335 x 310mm
Weight : satellite speaker 13.5kg

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