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Powered mixer units with balanced mic or line inputs and integral power amplifier. Each channel has 2-band EQ and a master 5-band graphic EQ governs overall tone shaping. A built-in digital delay unit can be used to add vocal or special effects and a USB/SD audio player can provide playback of pre-recorded material. Comprehensive PA head units in a convenient and portable format.

  • USB/SD audio player with IR remote
  • Master 5-band graphic EQ
  • Vocal delay effect
Power supply 110/230Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
Channel controls Low EQ, High EQ, Delay, Level
Master controls 5-band EQ, USB/SD, AUX, Master
Digital audio player USB or SD input with IR remote & LCD display
Speaker outputs 2 x 6.3mm jack (mono pair), 4 Ohms min.
RCA connectors Aux input, Rec output
Model PH4150
Channel inputs 4 x balanced mic/unbalanced line
Output power rms @ 4 Ohms 150W
Output power rms @ 8 Ohms 100W
Dimensions 485 x 145 x 240mm
Weight 8.55kg
Model PH8200
Channel inputs 8 x balanced mic/unbalanced line
Output power rms @ 4 Ohms 200W
Output power rms @ 8 Ohms 130W
Dimensions 485 x 210 x 270mm
Weight 11.5kg

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