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This compact 7-day digital timer provides programmable time control for home appliances and security devices. It features 8 programs with 20 options, a random on/off setting, British summertime adjustment and 12/24-hour time display.

  • 8 programs with 20 different options
  • Day, hour, minute and second settings
  • British summertime adjustment
  • 12h or 24h display
  • Random on/off setting
  • Power on and socket on indicators
  • Reset button
  • Conforms to BS1363 & BS5733
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Power max. 3000W
Max. current 13A
Dimensions 126 x 73 x 79mm
Weight 137g
Stock Code Description Packed
350.105UK Weekly Digital Timer Blister

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