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A range of lithium button cells with a voltage of 3.0V.

  • These high capacity button cells are suitable for most applications such as clocks, remote controls for car alarms, back up batteries and calculators

Stock Code Description Packed
656.252UK CR1220, 3V, 36mAh, 2.0 x 12.5mmØ, 5pc/card. Blister
656.260UK CR2016, 3V, 80mAh, 1.6 x 20mmØ, 5pc/card. Blister
656.262UK CR2025, 3V, 150mAh, 2.5 x 20mmØ 5pc/card. Blister
656.264UK CR2032, 3V, 210mAh, 3.2 x 20mmØ 5pc/card. Blister
656.278UK CR2430, 3V, 270mAh, 3.0 x 24.5mmØ, 5pc/card. Blister
656.758UK CR1/3N, 3V, 160mAh, 10.8x11.6mmØ, 1pc. Blister
656.773UK CR2450, 3V, 610mAh, 5.0x24.5mmØ, 1pc. Blister
656.776UK CR1616, 3V, 55mAh, 1.6x16.0mmØ, 5pc/card. Blister
656.779UK CR1620, 3V, 78mAh, 2.0x16.0mmØ, 5pc/card. Blister

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
656.761UK CR1220, 3V, 36mAh, 2.0x12.5mmØ, 1pc. -
656.762UK CR1616, 3V, 55mAh, 1.6x16.0mmØ, 1pc -
656.764UK CR1620, 3V, 78mAh, 2.0x16.0mmØ, 1pc. -
656.765UK CR2016, 3V, 80mAh, 1.6x20.0mmØ, 1pc. -
656.767UK CR2025, 3V, 150mAh, 2.5x20.0mmØ, 1pc. -
656.768UK CR2032, 3V, 210mAh, 3.2x20.0mmØ, 1pc -
656.771UK CR2430, 3V, 270mAh, 3.0x24.5mmØ, 1pc. -

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