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Classic silver oxide button cell in pack of 5, with individual perforation easy to tear for single retail unit.

Dimensions 2.6 x 6.8mmØ
Stock Code Version Dimensions Packed
656.572UK 377/SR66 2.6 x 6.8mmØ Blister

Discontinued versions - The following items are no longer available:

Stock Code Description Alternative
656.570UK GP Silver Oxide Button Cell 357/SR44W Pack of 5 -
656.571UK GP Silver Oxide Button Cell 364/SR60 Pack of 5 -
656.573UK GP Silver Oxide Button Cell 386/SR43W Pack of 5 -
656.574UK GP Silver Oxide Button Cell 389/SR1130 Pack of 5 -
656.575UK GP Silver Oxide Button Cell 392/SR41W Pack of 5 -

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