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Duracell recharge plus Duracell's top range rechargeable NiMH battery designed to power the most battery power hungry devices, ideal for high-drain devices such digital camera or a wireless game controller. More layered and more compact electrode design means the Ultra range will have a bigger capacity and longer lasting comparing to the plus range. Duralock technology ensure charges are retained up to 12 months up to 85% from fully charged.

  • Recharge up to 300 times, great value for money and ECO friendly as alternative to alkaline cells
  • Duralock ensure fully charged battery retains charge up to 6 months
  • Suitable for all AA, AAA, C, D and PP3 battery charger

Stock Code Version Size Capacity Packed
656.986UK AAA AAA 850mAh Blister
656.985UK AA AA 2400mAh Blister
656.982UK C C 3000mAh Blister
656.983UK D D 3000mAh Blister
656.984UK PP3 9V PP3 9V 170mAh Blister

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