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This unit will charge 6V or 12V smart acid batteries from motorcycles, cars, caravans, boats or lawnmowers. It automatically detects the battery charge status and will recharge, retain charge or recover deeply discharged batteries accordingly through seven charging stages.

  • Short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection
  • Auto-detects battery charge status
  • Built-in constant current and constant voltage controls
  • IP65 suitable for outdoor operation
  • Crocodile clip terminals
  • Suitable for a variety of Wet, MF, VRLA, AGM and GEL lead acid batteries
Input power 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output power 60W max.
Charging voltage 7.3V/14.4V/14.7V
Charging current @ 6V 0.8A
Charging current @ 12V 0.8A recovery, 4A full speed
Charging capacity No less than 1.3Ah @6V or 7.5Ah @12V
IP rating IP65
Dimensions 194 x 68 x 47mm
Weight 300g
Stock Code Description Packed
690.005UK 60W Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger Gift Box

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