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This device makes cutting holes into ceiling tiles or plasterboard clean and simple, simply attach it to an electric drill. The two blades can be adjusted to a maximum of 200mmØ and the built-in ball-bearing collar and spring retainer allows smooth drilling. The debris collector catches any dust created from drilling; helping to protect your eyes and allowing quick clean up. An ideal piece of equipment for installing large quantities of overhead spotlights or ceiling speakers.

  • Supplied with 2 x HSS blades (high-speed steel), 2 x TCT blades (tungsten carbide tipped) and 1 pilot drill bit
  • All bits organised in a heavy duty plastic carry case
  • Greatly shortens the time required for installation and virtually mess-free
  • Designed to cut mineral ceiling tiles and plasterboard only
Max. circumference 200mm
Max. depth 30mm
Collector dimensions 105 x 300mmØ
Weight 1.2kg
Stock Code Description Packed
710.020UK Ceiling Hole Cutter with Debris Collector Box

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