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Solid conductor twisted pair data cable with PE sheath supplied in dispensing box and marked at 1 metre intervals. Suitable for high speed data transmission such as Gigabit Ethernet outdoor applications.

  • Solid copper clad aluminium conductor
  • Supplied in an easy-pull dispensing box
  • Passes Cat5e fluke test 100m at 100MHz
  • PE sheath with UV resistant properties ideal for outdoor installation
Conductor Solid CCA
Strand 8 x 1/0.51mmØ ±2%
CSA 8 x 0.204mm²
Cable diameter 5mmØ
Insulation HDPE 0.19mm thickness
Sheath PE 0.5mm thickness
Impedance 100 Ohms (±15)
DC resistance @ 20°C <35 Ohms/100m
Return loss >20dB @ 100m
NEXT >40dB @ 100m
PSNEXT >38dB @ 100m
Cable colour Black
Length 305m
Weight 5.5kg
Stock Code Description Packed
808.023UK Economy Outdoor U/UTP Network Cable 305m black Box

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