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Cat6a oxygen free copper twisted pair data cable with low smoke zero halogen sheath. Individual pair aluminium foil screen and overall braided aluminium screen provide protection from any pair or alien crosstalk. Supplied on a wooden drum reel and marked at 1 metre intervals. This cable is designed for high speed data transmission such as Gigabit Ethernet applications within noisy environments.

  • Low smoke zero halogen sheath material compliant to RoHS minimises the risk of thick black smoke and poisonous fumes in the event of a fire
  • AWG 23 oxygen free solid copper conductor
  • Supplied on a sturdy wooden drum reel
  • Passes Cat6a fluke test 100m at 500MHz
  • Complies to TIA/EIA-568 Cat6a standard
Conductor Solid OFC
Strands 8 x 1/0.565mmØ ±2%
Conductor CSA 8 x 0.251mm²
Cable diameter 7.5mmØ
Screen Aluminium/Mylar foil
Braid material Aluminium
Insulation PE 0.385mm thickness
Sheath LSZH 0.55mm thickness
Capacitance 6.6nF/100m
DC resistance @ 20°C <9.38 Ohms/100m
Impedance (1 to 250MHz) 100±15 Ohms
Impedance (250 to 500MHz) 100±22 Ohms
Return loss >25dB @100m
Attenuation <45.3dB @100m
NEXT >74.3dB
PSNEXT >72.3dB
ELFEXT >13.8dB
Phase delay <570ns
Colour Lilac
Length 305m
Weight 17.4kg
Stock Code Description Packed
808.033UK Cat6a S/FTP LSZH Network Cable 305m Purple Reel

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