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75 Ohms 100U coaxial cable constructed of solid oxygen free copper conductor, foam filled polyethylene dielectric, copper foil screen, oxygen free copper braid and PVC sheath. The overall screen and braid significantly reduce noise penetration to the conductor making it suitable for digital, satellite and cable TV signal transmission.

  • Solid OFC conductor
  • Foam filled PE dielectric
  • Copper foil screen
  • OFC braid
  • Supplied in 100m or 250m reel with metric cut markers
CSA 0.79mm²
Conductor diameter 1mmØ
Conductor material Solid OFC
Braid 64 x 0.12mmØ
Braid material OFC
Screen Copper foil
Dielectric 4.6mmØ foam PE
Cable diameter 6.6mmØ
Impedance 75 Ohms
Capacitance 54pF/m
Velocity factor 83%
Return loss 5-400MHz 30dB min./100m
Return loss 450-1000MHz 24dB min./100m
Return loss 1000-2150MHz 18dB min./100m
Attenuation @ 5MHz 1.8dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 50MHz 4.7dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 100MHz 6.6dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 200MHz 9.7dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 400MHz 14.6dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 860MHz 19.6dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 1000MHz 21.6dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 1750MHz 29.1dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 2150MHz 32.7dB max./100m
Colour/Length White 100m
Colour White
Length 100m
Weight 4.2kg
Colour/Length Black 100m
Colour Black
Length 100m
Weight 4.2kg
Colour/Length Black 250m
Colour Black
Length 250m
Weight 10.5kg

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